What is an ArtLux LightBox?

An ArtLux LightBox is a clever and unique lighting and framing solution, which performs both as an artwork and a light source, creating a real impact in any location, in any space, at any time of day, as they lift photos beyond the wall, the light bringing them to life.


They are perfect in basement rooms, light up the dark corners in sitting rooms, look incredibly cool in children or teenage bedrooms and can take a bathroom to another level entirely.   Examples of our LightBoxes in situ can be found under our 'Projects' page.

How do they work?


Our LightBoxes consist of an LED panel incorporated into an aluminium frame.   Once hung, you plug it in, switch it on and see your image come to life! 

Images are printed with UV flexible inks onto a lightweight polyester fabric that slots perfectly into the LightBox frame. The beauty of this, is that images are easily changed to suit the mood or situation and images not being used are very easily stored.   Sitting rooms can become party rooms in a couple of minutes!

The state of the art machines we use for printing, allow us to produce beautifully detailed graphics, right down to the finest blades of grass and subtlest of skin tones.  


LightBox Sizes

All our LightBoxes are made to order and the sizing is bespoke to fit your requirements. The only limit on size is one side can be a maximum of 3m (the other side can be 5m if you wish!) if you're looking for a big impactful image. 

LightBox Frame Finishes

Our LightBoxes come in a frame width of either 32mm or 65mm.   The frames are made from 80% recycled aluminium and as standard come in a silver anodized (matt) finish but frames can be powder coated in any standard RAL colour.


The LightBox frames weigh 8kg (65mm) and 22kg (32mm) per sqm and we recommend the larger frames are hung and installed by our specialized installers.


LightBox Cables / Plugs / Dimmers

ArtLux LightBoxes come with a standard white cable and standard 13amp plug (exceptionally large ones may require additional power).   


For those who want to have their cables as part of the look, with the 65mm frame we have 40 different light cable options, supplied by a leading UK based manufacturer. We supply these with black Bakelite plugs. We generally allow 2m per cable, however this is assessed for each order.

Our LightBoxes run on low power LED’s but there are also varying brightness options and dimmers available should you wish to control the light in your space.

What do they cost?

Our LightBoxes are costed individually but prices are from £395.  Additional graphics start at £40. Please speak to our team for more information.


See our FAQ’s for more information.

Contact clarec@artlux.co.uk  for more information: 

We are based in Battersea, London SW11 and Ilkley, Yorkshire LS29