Who are ArtLux?

ArtLux is a growing business with a passion for making life easier.  


Our LightBoxes, with interchangeable graphics illuminate wall art into any space.


Our ArtBoxes are none illuminated frames which also has interchangeable graphics and you can be mounted on any wall and you can change the look and feel of a room in minutes.


Our lightbulb moment came when we saw a beautiful piece of art displayed in a lightbox at an art fair and thought there must be more interesting ways to frame and display all the wonderful photos we had of our weddings, our children, our holidays and other special occasions.

ArtBoxes are perfect for childrens bedrooms as their tastes change so can the images, think of interchangeable wallpaper and you have the idea.  We are also installing ArtBoxes in schools as this is a very cost effective way to decorate an area with a fraction of the cost.

We had worked on a couple of projects together and realised that our complementary skills could work perfectly to bring this idea to life; so ArtLux was born!

Clare W, an art history graduate, has a background in communications & events and a passion for art and interiors. She loves nothing more than helping clients find the right image for the right space in their home or office.

Clare C has run her own company working predominantly with entrepreneurs. She specialises in understanding a business, helping it grow and ensuring it runs more efficiently and cost effectively. 

The Team


Clare and Clare are supported by an amazing technical team, including image, graphics and installation experts, to ensure you find your ArtLux experience easy, fun and inspirational.  


Our graphics team check each and every image to ensure they will come out perfectly, especially for large scale images so you can rest assured what you receive will be of the highest quality.  

Each Artlux LightBox and ArtBox is individually processed, assembled and printed ready for delivery and installation. We can help you every step of the way, either over the phone or in person and with our full range of technical experts on hand, we can ensure all your requirements are met.

Speak to our team for more information on our products and services.

Clare Clarkson: clarec@artlux.co.uk

Clare Wilson: clarew@artlux.co.uk

Contact clarec@artlux.co.uk  for more information: 

We are based in Battersea, London SW11 and Ilkley, Yorkshire LS29